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The EADSG 5th Congress & Scientific Sessions – 2020

Comprehensive Diabetes Care in Low Resource Setting Making it Work
As various governments move towards healthcare for all, we are particularly excited about the coming year’s calibre of international and local speakers who will zoom into critical questions on; how to translate policy into action; how to

5 Apr

EADSG Guidelines has been published in the completed journal issue

The EADSG article: EADSG Guidelines: Insulin Storage and Optimisation of Injection Technique in Diabetes Management has ben published in the completed journal issue.
To date,

5 Apr

The 4th African Diabetes Congress – Cameroon – 3rd – 5th April 2019

The prevalence of both Diabetes and Impaired Glucose Tolerance is expected to double over the next 25 years. Currently, over two-thirds of people living with diabetes on the continent are undiagnosed being the highest worldwide. With Africa spending a meagre 0.5% of global health expenditure on

17 Mar

The 5th EADSG Congress [23 – 26 Feb 2020]

The 5th EADSG Congress will be held from 23 – 26 Feb 2010 in Munyonyo, Kampala. Submission of extracts open on 1st May 2019.

21 Feb

Diabetes Update for Primary Care Providers. Friday 22 February 2019

In the East African Region, there is an immense need for provider education, as the incidence of diabetes in the general population reaches approximately 4 %. Primary care clinics carry the major burden of these patients. Didactic lectures and interactive workshops offered in this program will

14 Feb

The 4th EADSG Scientific Congress

The 4th EADSG Scientific Congress was held at the Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda from the 10 – 47 March 2018.

The topics included:

Strengthening health systems to cope with both acute and chronic diseases in poor resource settings
Translational Diabetes Research
Epigenetics and Diabetes
Pathophysiological-based therapy of

14 Feb