The 4th EADSG Scientific Congress

14 Feb

The 4th EADSG Scientific Congress was held at the Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda from the 10 – 47 March 2018.

The topics included:

  • Strengthening health systems to cope with both acute and chronic diseases in poor resource settings
  • Translational Diabetes Research
  • Epigenetics and Diabetes
  • Pathophysiological-based therapy of Diabetes
  • Possibilities in stopping loss of beta cell (functions) with type 2 diabetes?
  • Pre-diabetes screening and prevention in type 1 diabetes
  • Impact of interventional therapies on cardiovascular risk in people with diabetes
  • Co-morbidity of diabetes and depression
  • Public engagement activities to increase knowledge, create awareness and community action for diabetes
  • Conventional paradigms vs novel ideas on the aetiology of diabetes and obesity: a forum for debate leading scientists in the field of diabetes
  • Updates in nutrition concerning diabetes and obesity
  • Updates on complications of diabetes
  • Updates within pharmacological therapy in diabetes
  • Updates in technology regarding diabetes: closed loop
  • Practical workshops with case presentations
  • Oral and poster presentations

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