The EADSG Scientific Congresses are a comprehensive, multidisciplinary fora with a stellar faculty of leaders in diabetes and other Non-Communicable Diseases that connect the scientific community and accelerate life science discovery. They bring together more than 300 key stakeholders and leaders to discuss ambitions, priorities and actions for change in diabetes and NCDs care within the East Africa Region. The Scientific Congresses are regarded as highly influential events aimed at raising attention to the health care delivery in diabetes and other non-communicable diseases in the East Africa Region. They also present an opportunity of networking and knowledge sharing among researchers, practising healthcare professionals, program managers, policy makes and other stakeholders in the field of diabetes and other NCDs.

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The main focus is on the prevention of diabetes and its complications and improved quality of life of people living with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. These are areas of important research priority and fostered debate especially on the long-term implications for diabetes care and health policies. The signature design of the EADSG Scientific Congresses include state-of the art review lectures and symposia by leading world experts followed by debates aimed at addressing controversies and generating consensus.

Every two years, the East Africa Diabetes Study Group organises a Congress on Diabetes and NCDs that is held in one of the East African Countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has however affected this routine for 2022 as earlier planned. We will therefore hold the 6th Congress in 2023 and Tanzania will be proudly hosting the 6th Edition from Apr 26th to 29th at White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.